What is counselling?

A problem shared? That’s right, a problem halves once it's out and in the air to be discussed, turned on its head, viewed from other perspectives and ultimately made peace with. Counselling provides just that, a safe space to talk openly about any worries and troubles that you may have.

The next step between you and your counsellor would be to mutually agree on a plan to aid your recovery, plan achievable goals to work towards and create the ability to see the bigger picture from all angles.

Many studies suggest that Talk Therapy is cathartic, a way of letting go of problems and allowing the ability to see things from a different perspective with the benefit of somebody impartial to your life’s events sharing ideas and more importantly, allowing you to reach a point of self-actualisation and subsequently building your own tools to help in future.

Online counselling

We know how busy life is so we’ve made our counselling services available online for the comfort of our clients. By providing accessible talk therapy services, it is now even more easy to obtain a supportive programme that works around busy schedules. Services are delivered via online video conferencing facilities, ensuring complete flexibility and ease for all users.

Whats next?

If counselling is something you feel would benefit you, free consultations are available. We can then create a programme that fits around you.

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