Beginners guide to mindfulness and meditation workshop.....

We are all guilty of arriving at a destination both metaphorically and physically and wondering how exactly we got there. The art of Mindfulness helps you slow down and take stock of your thoughts and actions in a more productive and rewarding way.

The benefits of being more mindful are endless especially when incorporated with regular Meditation practice. Combining the two will help you develop more relaxation strategies, tackle stressful situations effectively and ultimately enable you to appreciate your time so much more.

Contrary to common belief, Meditation does not mean you have to be a professional, just a simple personal intention is all it takes to engage and develop your practice.

During the Meditation & Mindfulness workshop we will spend some time discussing the benefits of being more Mindful and how this practice can help you along with learning different skills in practical Meditation. What better way to spend time! 

We run regular community courses, one to one sessions in the West Midlands and for our business courses, we go where ever our clients need us. 

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