Self care Sunday- life on demand

Our lives are fast, both with the expectation of us from others and what we expect of ourselves personally. 

More and more, items are there for the taking. From what we watch on TV and when to 24 hour shopping, customer services, social media, everything. 

I can imagine some, if not most of you reading this can say you've woken up to emails that have been sent overnight, jostling your mind into thinking mode even before you've set one foot out of bed?

It's all there 24 hours a day, at the touch of a button. Which is all well and good, but when do we actually switch off? When do we physically set the boundary of "me time"?  

By mindfully setting aside some time to fully recharge and enjoy what's around you, you're providing yourself with some much needed and welcome downtime and some peace for the mind.  

There's so much to be said for dedicating a day to zero technology, saying no to being on call to the world and spending some time appreciating the gift of peace you can give to yourself. 

Have a beautiful  week