Self care Sunday.... Resistance

Running from one thing to another, can't possibly be late for this that the other and oh no wait, what's this? A cold,  no way, don't have time for THAT... sound familiar?

We are plonk in that silly season of flu bugs and other colds that we don't have time for, we resist resist resist resist.... but do we really have to?

We have this thing where we just don't give ourselves time to be laid up with a cold, but maybe we should?

Having recently had a particularly heavy chest virus that knocked me off my feet, I had no choice but to station myself on the couch with a million tissues and a litre of vitamin c when I got to thinking, actually, was it really so bad to listen to my body? Was it so terrible to have to watch box sets on Netflix? No, it was just what me and my body needed and that's the beauty of it.

By not putting up resistance to life when it's telling you to slow down for a bit, you're actually allowing yourself some pretty decent downtime to enable an all important regrouping board meeting with just you and your thoughts.

So rather than feeling defeated when your attempts at fending off the inevitable yuks of a cold, and other irksome autumnal ailments fail,why not take that as an opportunity  to slow down and pitch up in a comfy space and use the time to be with yourself.

Things to do when you're laid up

- candlelit bath

- journaling

- reading

- sleeping

- writing a letter

- watching a box set

The list is endless, but also a real good reason to just chill, go with it. No more resistance and more acceptance and recognition that this doesn't have to be so bad after all.