Self care Sunday ... hugs

Hugs…. We all like to give and receive hugs and kisses and all things nice when we meet our friends and families, it does something to us. Hugs make us feel good, happy and generally lifted. The average hug lasts for about 3 seconds, but are we getting enough out of our greetings? Statistically, it takes around 10 seconds to release an array of feel good hormones from oxytocin to endorphins and all that’s in between, see that’s because us humans are rather tactile beings and we respond really well to the power of touch, although not limited to just hugs. Contact in many forms can lift us to a higher vibe,

Take for instance an elderly patient I once met in a hospital, he had been without a visitor for a few days and although pleasantries had been passed with other patients, nobody had actually been to see him and spend any time directly with him until one particular nurse came to sit with him, she held his hand and helped straighten his pyjamas and took some time to ask if he was ok. I watched as she made eye contact with this gentleman, held his hand for quite some time and right before my eyes he smiled, his shoulders dropped and he visibly relaxed and said “you are the first person that’s held my hand in a very long time” …. from that moment on I was convinced that there’s more to recuperation along with normal suggestions.

Aside from the pysicalities of illness, did you know that we hold a lot of emotion in our bodies too? And that those emotions can manifest into unexplained aches and pains without us realising and before we know it, we just get used it being there.

By raising personal awareness and listening to our bodies, we really get down to the nitty gritty of ourselves and really tune in to what we need. Regular body treatments are a sure fire way to release any pent up stress, toxins and other emotional backlog and also raising your own happy wellbeing.

By checking in with yourself regularly, and listening to your body and welcoming those all-encompassing hugs, smiles and anything to raise the happiness vibe you are well on the road to keeping yourself in the happy zone.

Treat yourself to some extra care, a day at the spa, a nice bubble bath, some comfy clothes, anything that's going to make you feel real good! 

And not forgetting that all important hug.