Self care....

Self care. what does it mean to you?

To us it means listening to your body, tuning in to your personal vibes and rhythms and taking care of the very thing that takes care of you every day, your body.

We blast through life, often too busy to recognise when we need to recharge and take some time to take care of ourselves. Not just a workout in the gym, I mean properly stop and listen to how you're feeling and what you're wanting.

Put it this way, if you had a child running behind you and shouting after you, would you ignore it? Absolutely you wouldn't so why do we do this to ourselves?

By instilling some routines of self care from meditation, gratitude and happy vibing to a hot bath or your most deliciously favourite food and all that's inbetween, you'll be placing yourself in the prime feel good position.

For every time you consciously tell yourself you're doing something you need and enjoy and really take note, you'll be raising your mood/vibration and in turn....well the possibilities are endless.

This is what we do at Balance Holistics Company,  we help people feel good, moreover we help people to help themselves feel good. With our mentoring and guidance, the journey to feeling good is a wonderful enlightening process with lots of tools gained to help you on your way.

For any further information please do contact us and we'll be happy to help.