New plans

We are super excited for 2019 already! New projects under way for the new year including new CPD sessions for teachers, stress busting work shops for teens and parent workshops not to mention the continued holistic support to schools pastoral teams. 

Outside of the education sector, look out for our male mindfulness sessions as we address and explore tips and advice for men under pressure. We know the UK statistics are at an all time high and we believe that every little helps, so keep an eye out for the first sessions. 

International mens day 2018

International mens day, raising awareness to male suicide and depression.

The statistics are shocking, how can it be that so many men take their own lives meaning suicide is the biggest killer in men under 45 in the UK?

In the last 5 year's alone, I have lost friends through suicide, 1 per year, that's 5 men that could be here today. 5 dad's, 5 brothers, 5 sons, 5 broken families...

Only 2/3 of men say they are open and talk about their feelings!

Please please please talk to somebody, anybody about how you feel.

I will help, please talk to me, I am listening

#internationalmensday #iamlistening #malemindfulness #help


Self care Sunday- life on demand

Our lives are fast, both with the expectation of us from others and what we expect of ourselves personally. 

More and more, items are there for the taking. From what we watch on TV and when to 24 hour shopping, customer services, social media, everything. 

I can imagine some, if not most of you reading this can say you've woken up to emails that have been sent overnight, jostling your mind into thinking mode even before you've set one foot out of bed?

It's all there 24 hours a day, at the touch of a button. Which is all well and good, but when do we actually switch off? When do we physically set the boundary of "me time"?  

By mindfully setting aside some time to fully recharge and enjoy what's around you, you're providing yourself with some much needed and welcome downtime and some peace for the mind.  

There's so much to be said for dedicating a day to zero technology, saying no to being on call to the world and spending some time appreciating the gift of peace you can give to yourself. 

Have a beautiful  week





Self care Sunday... The attitude of gratitude

Oh I could go on and on about the importance of just saying thank you, I'm not talking about generalised manners, although equally important for sure, I'm on about deep gratitude for everything we experience on a day to day basis. 

By expressing our thanks daily to this thing we call life and all that's in it,  we actually place ourselves in a remarkably happier position and we become much better equipped to deal with things as and when they're presented to us.

By consciously being grateful to the things you experience , you are opening yourself up to become lighter in mood, more able to cope with stress and without doubt able to start spotting the positives in everything.

Moreover we become full participants in our lives rather than bystanders letting life happen to us. We start to see the beauty in everything and really notice the little things.

By consciously recognising things that you're grateful for, you are putting your brian into positive mode meaning less room for negative talk because you're so busy thinking of all the things you have around you that make you happy. What's not to like! 

So honestly, just try it, be thankful for something, anything! And funnily enough, the more you spot the more you'll notice and all of a sudden, you're surrounded by things you like.

Have a beautiful week.  






School CPD

Lots of people think of lots of different things when you mention mindfulness to them, it paints a large picture but when you break it down into relevant meanings and all the many sub meanings it's actually quite intricate and with beautiful outcomes. 

Our CPD programmes for teachers cover the meaning of mindfulness and an introduction to meditation along with practical sessions on how to practice and deliver in the classroom. 

Wouldn't it be a beautiful thing if every school in every city and village in the UK practiced meditation.  

The benefits for children (and adults) who meditate daily and practice simple mindful skills are immense. If you would like to introduce this practice into your school, or learn how to deliver it yourself during our CPD sessions, Please do contact us. 




Self care Sunday.... Resistance

Running from one thing to another, can't possibly be late for this that the other and oh no wait, what's this? A cold,  no way, don't have time for THAT... sound familiar?

We are plonk in that silly season of flu bugs and other colds that we don't have time for, we resist resist resist resist.... but do we really have to?

We have this thing where we just don't give ourselves time to be laid up with a cold, but maybe we should?

Having recently had a particularly heavy chest virus that knocked me off my feet, I had no choice but to station myself on the couch with a million tissues and a litre of vitamin c when I got to thinking, actually, was it really so bad to listen to my body? Was it so terrible to have to watch box sets on Netflix? No, it was just what me and my body needed and that's the beauty of it.

By not putting up resistance to life when it's telling you to slow down for a bit, you're actually allowing yourself some pretty decent downtime to enable an all important regrouping board meeting with just you and your thoughts.

So rather than feeling defeated when your attempts at fending off the inevitable yuks of a cold, and other irksome autumnal ailments fail,why not take that as an opportunity  to slow down and pitch up in a comfy space and use the time to be with yourself.

Things to do when you're laid up

- candlelit bath

- journaling

- reading

- sleeping

- writing a letter

- watching a box set

The list is endless, but also a real good reason to just chill, go with it. No more resistance and more acceptance and recognition that this doesn't have to be so bad after all. 


Healing time

This week we are focusing on healing. Not just the type of healing after a cut or a bump..(although that is important). I'm talking,breath watching, body monitoring, mood lifting, smile enhancing SOUL healing!

The pure love that flows with Reiki is amazing and we can't get enough!

Candles, music, energetic build up detection and subsequent release for a well grounded and nourished flow between you and our earth.

Move over stress.... and HELLO good vibes!

Contact us for appointment schedules and training packages on this wonderful therapy, so you can develop your practice too. 



Self care Sunday ... hugs

Hugs…. We all like to give and receive hugs and kisses and all things nice when we meet our friends and families, it does something to us. Hugs make us feel good, happy and generally lifted. The average hug lasts for about 3 seconds, but are we getting enough out of our greetings? Statistically, it takes around 10 seconds to release an array of feel good hormones from oxytocin to endorphins and all that’s in between, see that’s because us humans are rather tactile beings and we respond really well to the power of touch, although not limited to just hugs. Contact in many forms can lift us to a higher vibe,

Take for instance an elderly patient I once met in a hospital, he had been without a visitor for a few days and although pleasantries had been passed with other patients, nobody had actually been to see him and spend any time directly with him until one particular nurse came to sit with him, she held his hand and helped straighten his pyjamas and took some time to ask if he was ok. I watched as she made eye contact with this gentleman, held his hand for quite some time and right before my eyes he smiled, his shoulders dropped and he visibly relaxed and said “you are the first person that’s held my hand in a very long time” …. from that moment on I was convinced that there’s more to recuperation along with normal suggestions.

Aside from the pysicalities of illness, did you know that we hold a lot of emotion in our bodies too? And that those emotions can manifest into unexplained aches and pains without us realising and before we know it, we just get used it being there.

By raising personal awareness and listening to our bodies, we really get down to the nitty gritty of ourselves and really tune in to what we need. Regular body treatments are a sure fire way to release any pent up stress, toxins and other emotional backlog and also raising your own happy wellbeing.

By checking in with yourself regularly, and listening to your body and welcoming those all-encompassing hugs, smiles and anything to raise the happiness vibe you are well on the road to keeping yourself in the happy zone.

Treat yourself to some extra care, a day at the spa, a nice bubble bath, some comfy clothes, anything that's going to make you feel real good! 

And not forgetting that all important hug.



Self care....

Self care. what does it mean to you?

To us it means listening to your body, tuning in to your personal vibes and rhythms and taking care of the very thing that takes care of you every day, your body.

We blast through life, often too busy to recognise when we need to recharge and take some time to take care of ourselves. Not just a workout in the gym, I mean properly stop and listen to how you're feeling and what you're wanting.

Put it this way, if you had a child running behind you and shouting after you, would you ignore it? Absolutely you wouldn't so why do we do this to ourselves?

By instilling some routines of self care from meditation, gratitude and happy vibing to a hot bath or your most deliciously favourite food and all that's inbetween, you'll be placing yourself in the prime feel good position.

For every time you consciously tell yourself you're doing something you need and enjoy and really take note, you'll be raising your mood/vibration and in turn....well the possibilities are endless.

This is what we do at Balance Holistics Company,  we help people feel good, moreover we help people to help themselves feel good. With our mentoring and guidance, the journey to feeling good is a wonderful enlightening process with lots of tools gained to help you on your way.

For any further information please do contact us and we'll be happy to help.





World mental heath day 2018

We fully support World Mental Health day. Our business is wellness and if we can help, we will

It's ok not to be ok, it's ok. 

I am listening, if anyone needs help, I am listening. We only get one life, let's make it count.  

Speak up  !

Speak out  !

Our wellness matters and if I can help any one at all, I am listening. 

Community sessions...

Once a month we hold a community mindfulness workshop, for anyone to attend.  This month we are in Stafford UK and will be discussing self care and ways to keep the happy vibe.

Did you know that the happier you are the happier you become? By setting out some mindful structures you can shape your life to be just how you want it to be...

We will be looking at introducing practical mindfulness to daily busy schedules and discussing ways to lift those vibes right up along with stress relieving activities and short do-able meditations.

To accompany practical mindfulness is Reiki healing , a beautiful technique that helps keep you clear and in good flow as part of a good self care regime. I will be demonstrating this technique for all attendees.

As always, contact us for more information and reservations.


New after school clubs

Pleased to announce our new after school clubs will start in Stafford next week!

Our clubs focus on mindful craft, relaxation techniques and meditation for primary school children.  

For more information please contact us and we'll be happy to help  

Empowering mindfulness and meditation sessions

Absolutely wonderful day on Tuesday 4th September with one of our secondary school clients. Over 150 teaching and support staff were in attendance as we went through mindful skills and techniques, personal and professional strategies and meditation ideas both for use at home and in the classroom. 


Check in...

Hope you're all enjoying the summer break?! We'll be starting the new term with Mindfulness and Meditation workshops for teachers and students in secondary schools and we cannot wait!

Did you know we also run pop up clinics in the corporate world too? From holistic treatments to supportive seminars, we have it covered!  

Not forgetting our 1-2-1 sessions in the healing room at Brown and Baugh salon Stafford  

Lots going on with absolutely no reason not to feel good!  



Here it is. The 8th month of the year already! Beautiful month ahead, summer days, lazy days off for some. Time to reflect and make plans for the new school year! 

Look out for our teacher training sessions on mindfulness and meditation and wellbeing pop up clinics. 

Exciting times ahead... 

Balance on tour....

What a wonderful way to spend time! Delivering workshops to the entire crew at Stanmore Stagecoach performing arts.

Not only was it a pleasure to demonstrate our workshops with you but equally wonderful to be able to listen to your fantastic work. What beautiful people you all are and exceptionally talented!

For more information on how to provide this into your business please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to help.  

Beginners guide to mindfulness and meditation workshop.....

We are all guilty of arriving at a destination both metaphorically and physically and wondering how exactly we got there. The art of Mindfulness helps you slow down and take stock of your thoughts and actions in a more productive and rewarding way.

The benefits of being more mindful are endless especially when incorporated with regular Meditation practice. Combining the two will help you develop more relaxation strategies, tackle stressful situations effectively and ultimately enable you to appreciate your time so much more.

Contrary to common belief, Meditation does not mean you have to be a professional, just a simple personal intention is all it takes to engage and develop your practice.

During the Meditation & Mindfulness workshop we will spend some time discussing the benefits of being more Mindful and how this practice can help you along with learning different skills in practical Meditation. What better way to spend time! 

We run regular community courses, one to one sessions in the West Midlands and for our business courses, we go where ever our clients need us. 

Contact us for more information and we'll be happy to help  

Balance kids...

After school sessions now in action! During our clubs we engage children in mindful craft and encourage everyone to get creative with making all kinds of lovely things from calm down glitter jars, dream catchers, mandalas,mindful games and exercises. We also spend some time on practicing meditation and relaxation. If this is something you or your school would be interested in, please get in touch and we will be happy to help. 

Transition days...

This week we are in Shropshire helping all the new year 7s move easily into the next phase of their educational career by providing a relax class and life skills in the art of relaxation and finding calm. Also meditation for teens on the menu. What a lovely way to spend a day. If this interests you, contact us for more information and we will be happy to help. 

Meditation courses for teachers...

With the ever-increasing focus on health and well-being in schools, there is high demand for teacher and student workshops to develop the practice of mindful exercises and meditation in the classroom. The good news is, thats what we do! 

We offer a selection of programmes and workshops to suit the need of every school individually. From transition days, workshops for pupils and teacher training sessions. Get in touch on - or 07833664130 for more information